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The Kings Captive (Gate of Myth and Power Book 1) by K.M. Shea

“…The book is LOADED with comical 😅 scenes and endearing 💞 characters. This is YA, so I don’t expect it to get steamy in future books (it is NOT steamy 🌶 in this one,) but the plotline is SO GREAT 🤩, so fast paced, and so much FUN 🥳 that I don’t care! Not to mention… I freaking LOVE the KING 👑! That guy is SUPER BADA$S 🤺!…”

A Forest of Stars by Linsey Hall

“…So if you like a pretty GREAT 🤩 FMC that is STRONG 💪🏻 and SPUNKY 😜, a plotline that YES ✅ has been done… but this is done SO RIGHT, a FUN 🥳 read with action 🤺 & that you just want to page-turn 📖, and a MMC that is HOT 🥵 and understandable (albeit a weeeee bit stubborn 😅,) … give this series a shot!…”