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The Admin & Group Founder, Rebecca Dixon, and the entire FanGrrrl Romance Recs team are all volunteers. Some members of the FanGrrrl team have been helping Rebecca with the FB Group and her vision for FanGrrrl Romance Recs since the very beginning! The entire team donates their time because of their love of books and authors. Every person on the team genuinely loves reading and wants to help both readers and authors alike. Each FanGrrrl bring something unique & extraordinary to the team and Rebecca couldn’t be more grateful. *Any concerns or questions about the FB Groups should be privately messaged to Lead Moderator Katie Conquest or Moderator Amy Reynolds.

Primary Contact for Authors & Book Signing Hosting Interest

Hi there! You can read a Message from the Founder (Eeek! me!) at About -> Message from the Founder. However, this little space is to just to say a little about me personally 💜!

So I’m just a big book lover and am super passionate about all things books! Books (and FanGrrrl Romance Recs) started out as just a really BIG hobby for me! I’m actually a software gal by day (programming/configuration) living with my hubby in Florida (and our 4 fur babies) and I used to work on the Space Shuttle program at Kennedy Space Center! 🚀🚀🚀

I have a background in Musical Theatre and was a Musical Theatre major in college for the first two years until I switched to Business & Computer Information Systems. I have a Masters in Business Administration and I’m Lean Six Sigma certified as a Black Belt/Green Belt for Continuous Process Improvement.

As far as the book world goes, reading is JUST a hobby for me and I haven’t made a single profit with the FanGrrrl Romance Recs FB Groups & Social Media. Myself and the FanGrrrl Team donate our time because we truly love books and want to see authors succeed! In that spirit, I write what has been coined ’emoji’ reviews on books I love. I try very hard to be true to myself and unbiased when I write them. I only write them for books that I’m gaga over! You can find those on this site at Book Recs -> Emoji Reviews and on Amazon / Goodreads! I’m also a BookToker, where I do videos rec’ing books I love! You can find those on TikTok at @BookTokBecka! I love all things ROMANCE… from Paranormal Romance, Romantasy, Urban Fantasy, Contemporary Romance… light to dark, clean to steamy… you name it!

I have also JUST started writing! I have had a story marinating in my head for over 13 years and after enough book besties prodding, I just gave it a shot! All of the details are under lock and key, but I can say that I am currently writing Book 2 now and will release all the books close together! You can follow progress at Author Rebecca Dixon & Author Rebecca Dixon Official Group as well as @AuthorRebeccaDixon on TikTok or Insta! I’m just so excited!!!

My big hobbies outside of books are programming my residential holiday light shows for Christmas & Halloween! You can see my displays on FB/You Tube at The Dixon’s Holiday Displays and at LightShowBecka on TT!

Well that’s basically me! I’m just a big extravert, glass is half-full, super positive & passionate person 💜! And I LOVE books and helping authors with my whole heart 💗!

Contact for Group Moderation Questions & Membership Acceptance

Hi guys! I’m Katie, I’ve been a moderator for 2 years and I absolutely love it, the groups and all the other mods! Since becoming a mod, I’ve made some incredible life long friendships with those who I would have probably never met, and I am eternally thankful for that.

I’m a mum to an almost 17 year old, cat mum to 2 fruit loops and a new wifey! I love all things books, skulls, The Nightmare before Christmas and dinosaurs specifically the Jurassic Park/ world franchise, I even walked down the aisle to the Jurassic Park intro tune 🦕🦖.

Let’s talk books! My favorite authors are JR Ward, Stephanie Hudson, M. J Lawrie, Shannon Mayer, Audrey Rush, HD Carlton, Sam Hall ,The Twisted Sisters and Amelia Hutchins. I love a good RH/ Why Choose, fated mates, enemies-to-lovers series, something I can sink my teeth into. I struggle with “cutesy,” so give me all the angst, triggers, alpha holes, touch her and you 💀… recommendations you’ve got!

Hi I’m Dawn. I’m a slightly unhinged, very unbalanced, 50 (😭) year old, English mum of 4. I live in the middle of nowhere with my hubby-to-be, nutty labradoodle & 3 teen boys; Draco, George & Fred. I’m joking!! Though the youngest 2 are twins. I’m all about the written word & anything arty & crafty from cake baking & decorating to graphic design. I’ve read everything from Donne, to HP through to Solzhenitsyn, but tend to stick to Fantasy, Thriller & Horror these days 💕 I’m a self confessed grammar pedant, though I have mellowed (a bit) with age. I can usually be found with an iPad in one hand & and iPencil in the other curled up on the sofa with a coffee shouting quiz answers at the TV like they can hear me as I create ✍️🤣 Oh & Purple. I realllllly like the colour purple. And black. If that’s a colour…?

I donate graphics to the group as I love the group & Rebecca 💕. You can follow my page Daedalian Designs on FB if you’d like to see more of my work.

Contact for Membership Acceptance

Heya-Y’all! My name is Trish. I’m a Texas mom with a TBR list as big as my home state, and I’m always adding more. By day – I live the mom life and run my macaron bakery. By night – I fight crime. Kidding!!! I don’t do that. Well not physically, BUT if my current book main character is- then technically, I kind of am… right? Maybe I should read more books where they workout and eat salads… nahhhh give me all the spice (also technically a workout sort of if done right). All things spice aside – with mom life and my macaron business, I needed a book rec group with an inside beat on the next best books and up & coming authors. Then – voila – Rebecca sends me an invite to her fabulous group in August of 2021. It was kismet. Best book decision and best friend decision I ever made. Clicked!

Hello Starshines ! Here is a little about me! A handful of my favorite books are The Dancer and the Masks duet by Bea Paige, The Darkest Flame series by Katie May and Anne Denton, Dark Secrets series by Angela Hudson, Kings of Quarantine by twisted sisters, 82nd Street Vandals by Heather Long, all the Winter Falls books by D.E. Haggerty, there are a lot more but I can only type out so many 😂. My favorite place to read is anywhere quiet because having special needs twins, I don’t get that often ♥️. When not reading, I love traveling to book signings, making/meeting book friends, and working on audiobook narration. You can follow me on TikTok @marielynnereads as I am also a face and body painter here in Florida!

Contact for Newsletter Inquiries & Ideas

Hi Friends!! I’m Hollie, aka Hot Mess Hollie, aka Hollie-Bear, aka Holliesbooksandbooze 🖤. I absolutely adored reading growing up and devoured books- like they were going out of style- and then my 20s hit (and no one tells you how hard it really is to adult,) so I put my hobby aside and didn’t pick it back up until the pandemic a decade later. I read my first spicy book …yep ACOTAR 😂 .. and then I joined Booktok as Holliesbooksandbooze and down the rabbit hole I went! I dove off the deep end with Den of Vipers -my first why choose, mafia & dark romance all-in-one. There was no turning back after that! I found FanGrrrls in August of 2021 and became a mod later that year. Book friends turned real friends from this group, and TikTok is something I will forever be grateful for 🖤🖤

My name is Dawn Higgins, I’ve been part of the FanGrrrls Romance Recs Team since 2022 has been an incredible experience for me. Lately, I’ve been enjoying engaging with members of the FanGrrrls Romance Recs groups – officially I help brainstorm new and creative ways to get the word out about all the exciting things to come with FanGrrrls!

Since I was a “cook supervisor” at my previous job, I suppose it’s fortunate that I enjoy cooking and baking, and I also always bake at home. I’ve found that after becoming part-time, I can actually curl up with a good book and lose myself in it! Being able to read as much as I have been lately has been amazing! I’m therefore either in the kitchen or on my Kindle emersed in a good book if you need to find me. My favorite genre to read is dark PNR/ fantasy, and the top 3 of my favorites are Afterlife, Dark Secrets, & Blackthorn Series, I also really love a dark, sexy RH read as well.

I’m going to stop talking about myself and return to the significance of this community for all of us. I’ve never found anywhere as enjoyable as the FanGrrrl Romance Recs Groups! I adore that this is a place you can turn to if you have any questions about a book or series; people are so accepting and never book shaming! There’s always a funny meme or quote to make you smile, and someone is always looking for a recommendation – and I am happy to help them find it! – Bye for now and enjoy this awesome group.

Contact for Group Moderation Questions & Website inquiries

My name is Amy and I’m a wife & mother of 2 awesome humans, and 2 adorable French Bulldogs. I live in Rhode Island (no, it’s not part of NY – it’s just the smallest state in the US). My hometown is a small beach community – and any day from April to October, if the weather is nice, you can find me with my toes in the sand and my Kindle in hand. I ❤️ UF, PNR, or Dark Contemporary Romance. I blame my mother – she gave me my first PNR book at 14! Now, 22 years later I’m still going strong with vampires, shifters, and fae – with something like Haunting Adeline in the mix ( I love a good stalker) ! I love the Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning – I try and reread that every other year if I have the time. I am huge fan of duet or full cast audiobooks. I read non-stop and try to get audio to accompany some titles, so I can multitask. It’s a healthy addiction – but expensive!

I joined this wonderful group back in October 2021 because my TBR list was getting SHORT – currently, it’s a mile long and growing daily! It’s such a pleasure to share my passion for reading with everyone. These groups radiate positivity, and I treasure the discussion and vibes that these particular groups provide! I am so excited and honored to help moderate. I am always around and a true night owl, so message me if you have questions or just want to talk about books. If you happen to find yourself in Little Rhody, let’s have coffee! If you see me at a book signing – we can FanGrrrl together!

Holly is a wee bit too shy to talk about herself… so Rebecca stepped in because Holly is just the sweetest!…

“Holly has been a part of the group for almost a year and in that time, she has been in the Top 10 Most Active Members SIX times! She has also been an integral part of a Focus Group for FanGrrrl Romance Recs and she is one of my Alpha readers for my very first book! Through this time, I’ve gotten to know her pretty well and she is just one of the sweetest 💗 people! She loves the group and oozes positivity & kindness! Hailing from the UK, when Holly is not working her day job, she is lost in a book next to her reading buddy, Bobby! She is primarily an avid lover of Paranormal Romance, a great RH and some smut 😜! She just loves books in general and will try anything! Thank you so much for joining us Holly! We are so excited to have you FanGrrrl it up with us 💋 (and can I just say… that red hair is 🔥🔥!)”

My name is Sandi, I am a mother of two grown children and three crazy felines. I live on the east coast of the US in Maryland with my husband of 34 years, Dale. We live in a small suburb right along the Chesapeake Bay. I come from a family of avid readers and mainly read contemporary romance until the Twilight Saga. It had never occurred to me to broaden my horizons beyond the usual small town or cowboy/ranch romance, go Team Edward! I was so hooked on the books that in 2009, I flew to Vancouver British Columbia with two girlfriends to watch the filming of Eclipse. For a week we traveled from set-to-set to catch glimpses of the filming and meet the cast. By mid-week, the camera and props crew knew who we were and dubbed us the “Maryland Girls!” That began my love of all things paranormal, and I have never looked back.

I joined FanGrrrl Romance Recs, the OG group back in June 2022 after seeing a glowing recommendation in Author Stephanie Hudson’s group. I was immediately taken by the positive vibe and found myself spending lots of time reading the posts and growing my enormous TBR list. When Rebecca did her LIVE stream from FFB23 in Liverpool, I was so taken by her enthusiasm and excitement that I reached out to her during one of her monthly lives and offered to be her camerawoman at FFB24. She may have thought me crazy at the time, but that was the catalyst and beginning of a close and cherished friendship. I was blown away when Becca asked me to become a part of her amazing Mod Squad, and am enjoying every minute of being on the FanGrrrl team. If you have any questions, need any help, or just want to chat about amazing books- hit me up!

Contact to inquire about Volunteering Opportunities

Hi! I’m Kat! I live in North Florida, with my husband and two cats, Loki and Hela (can you tell my son was obsessed with marvel movies 😂)! My first introduction to the genre was by my grandfather at around 9 or 10 years old when he began giving me fantasy and sci-fi books to read. I love all types of fantasy, which includes old school fantasy Authors like Anne McCaffrey, Mary Stewart, David Eddings, Robert Jordan, Tolkien and many more. I also love Urban fantasy and some of my favorites are the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning, and all things Ilona Andrews and Patricia Briggs! I also enjoy a good sci-fi book like Dune or Kurtherian Gambit by Michael Anderle, and on occasion also read dark romance such as the Hades series by Tate James or C.M. Stunich’s Harlequin Crew. My guilty pleasure are mysteries with serial killers such as Kathy Reichs’s Temperance Brennan series, Rizzoli and Isles by Tess Geritsen, or the more humorous Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich or Amanda M. Lee’s Paranormal cozy mysteries. I have been a member of the group since it was opened to the public in 2021, and I love participating in the group and finding great new reads!

Hi Ya’ll! My name is Tabitha. I am a born and raised Texan. I’m a dyslexic, book loving, latte addict, mom of 2 (4 yr old and 18 yr old).
I work logistics during the day and am a mood reader at night!! I love all RH, mafia, Dark, romantasy and spicey!! Especially love audiobooks, since that’s what I listen to while I work!! I’ve been a member of the Fangrrrl group for a year now. I help with the monthly newsletter and am excited to be a part of the FanGrrrl Team!

Hi! I’m Amandaa and I am from sunny Queensland Australia. I have been a member of FanGrrrls since 2022. I am a mum to 2 crazy boys and 2 dogs. Every spare minute I have I am reading and I can’t remember the last time I watched TV for fun. If I am not real-life and running around after the children, I am reading. My love of reading started when I was young, with the Baby-Sitters Club. My taste in books has come a long way since then and has grown through the years, especially since joining the groups. Sookie Stackhouse was my introduction to PNR and it grew from there. I read all romance, light and fluffy rom-coms to dark romance. PNR and UF are my favourite genres, but have recently been sucked down the dark romance rabbit hole thanks to our new group (Den of Vipers OMG). I love discovering new authors and reading debut books. Some of my favourites are Afterlife saga by Stephanie Hudson, The House of Marchese series by Sarah Reynolds, The Gatemakers series by Maggie Brown, The Sirens Call by Tammy Bradley and anything Helen Hardt. And I am now obsessed with Omegaverse, who knew it would be so much fun. One of the things I love most about this group is the fact you can meet and interact with the authors of your favourite reads and of course the amazing recs!

Hi Y’all! I’m LaPonna Moore. You may see me around the group as Ben LaPonna Moore because I share a profile with my husband. He is never on though. So it’s just me! I’m a Texan born and raised and a working mom of 3 kids and a Great Dane. I’ve been a book worm my entire life and I love a wide variety of genres. However, Twilight introduced me to paranormal/fantasy romance and it quickly became my favorite. I then stumbled upon FanGrrrl Romance Recs by accident and was instantly impressed by the positive vibes and book bestie feel. Since joining the group my reading horizons have really expanded to include the following genres with my current favorite: RH/Why choose- Curse if the Gods Series, Sci-fi romance – The Clecanian Series, Monster Romance – The Spider Mate Series, Omega-verse – Psycho Shifters Series, Dark- Contemporary Romance – Obsession, Favorite book ever : Pride and Prejudice, Favorite series currently: Throne of Glass. And too many favorite authors to count! If you also have a favorite in those genres let me know, I’m always looking to expand my TBR. Happy reading!