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Featured Author

The Featured Author is an author who receives elevated visibility in one of our FanGrrrl Romance Recs reader FB Groups. The author is specifically invited by Founder Rebecca Dixon or has been carefully chosen after contacting FanGrrrl Romance Recs. There is no monetary cost requested by FanGrrrl Romance Recs to be the Featured Author. However, the Featured Author donates 10 prizes to the respective group, with some of those prizes being signed paperbacks/hardbacks. Winners are chosen based on several criteria: group activity, members recommending the Featured Authors books, content creators on social media, & Newsletter subscribers. (No worries authors.. the FanGrrrl team chooses the winners for you!)

Visibility of Featured Author

Typically, the Featured Author is geared to an Author that Founder Rebecca Dixon has written an Emoji Review recommending one of their books. This is because Rebecca tends to FanGrrrl all over the Author during the FanGrrrl LIVE, and credibility & being genuine is important to her! However, if you are a best selling Author & interested in being Featured in one of our Facebook Groups, please PM Rebecca Dixon on Facebook Messenger to discuss.

Who can be Featured?

The Featured Author is featured in our monthly Newsletter, possibly a LIVE Author Center Stage (if they are interested,) has their book added to the respective FB Group Cover photo, has several posts by Founder Rebecca and the FanGrrrl Romance Recs handle highlighting their giveaway on FB (added to Featured sections,) and has content created for them by FanGrrrl Romance Recs on other social media platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, & Instagram. In addition, Rebecca dotes on their book in the FanGrrrl LIVE, which is broadcast to all three FanGrrrl Romance Facebook Groups, and our FB Page, Insta & YouTube! In the future, we will be adding a page to the website to highlight the current Featured Author as well!