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Author Intro Posts

Authors… this is where you can learn about posting an Author Intro Post in our FanGrrrl Romance Recs Facebook groups (for FREE!)

The main purpose of our Facebook reader groups is to provide a positive, pro-author place where the regular reader can get real & unbiased recommendations. Therefore, it is important that the group wall is primarily recommendations and the voice of readers. However, since we are extremely pro-author, we do allow authors the chance to introduce themselves.

What is an Author Intro Post?

An Author Intro Post is a post that an author can drop in the respective FanGrrrl Romance Recs FB Group just once a year to introduce themselves to members. The purpose of the Author Intro Post is to give the author some visibility in our Facebook groups so that members can learn a little bit about the author and hopefully try their books. Our FB groups (with the exception of our FB group for Authors) are “readers groups.” Due to this, the group wall should primarily be the voice of readers & great book recommendations for members. Therefore, we only allow one Author Intro Post on the group wall of one of our readers groups every 24 hours. This is “self-regulating”; meaning, the Author MUST check the wall of the group and if someone else has written an Author Intro Post in the last 24 hours (these posts must have #authorintropost at the top,) then the Author should post in a different 24 hour period.

What can be included with an Author Intro Post?

The Author Intro Post should explain a little bit about the author and can have a link to their latest book promotion (if they like.) Links to FB groups, websites, Kickstarters, or Newsletter sign-ups are also allowed. No shady links and no asking for personal information from members though please!

If posting links, make sure to attach your pictures first as Facebook does not like posts that contain links that take members outside of Facebook, so by selecting a picture first… it makes the post look like a picture post to Facebook.

It is possible to wrap a giveaway with an Author Intro Post. But this must be approved by the Admin first. Msg FanGrrrl Romance Recs for permission. If you receive permission, then the line “Thank you (Tagging Admin Rebecca Dixon) or (Tagging FanGrrrl Romance Recs) for allowing this Giveway with my #authorintropost!” must be at the very top of the post.

Please note: Author Intro Posts must be personalized & humanized. The posts are allowed so members can get to know you as an person & author. The posts should not come across like a FB AD or blurb. The posts should not look promotional. NO PROMO or PROMO LOOKING GRAPHICS – this is to HELP post reach, as our members scroll by any posts in the group that look like a promo or ad! We are trying to help your post get good post reach & therefore, more readers for you 💞

Author Intro Post Rules

💜 Any author, whether brand spankin’ new or a bestseller, can post an author intro post. One post per author per year.

💜 Only one author intro post is allowed on the group wall every 24 hours – this is self regulating, it’s up to the authors to either search #authorintropost or scroll the wall to determine if they can post that day

💜 #authorintropost MUST be at the top of the post, unless it’s a giveaway and if it is you must get Admin approval first (msg FanGrrrl Romance Recs) and then if approved, the sentence must be at the top of the post, “Thank you (Tagging Rebecca) or (Tagging FanGrrrl Romance Recs) for allowing this giveway with my #authorintropost!”

💜 No promo graphics or promo looking graphics – this is to HELP you… we have several years of data now and the posts that do well are fun, personable pictures. You can always post two pictures – one personable and one a regular pic of your book cover.

💜 Post must be personable and tell us about you as a human being, not just all about you as an author (this is to help you & post reach)

💜 No book blurbs off of Amazon (this is to help you with post reach)

💜 Search the group to see what other authors have done and what has done well and what hasn’t… because OUR goal is to get you the best post reach possible so members try your book!

💜 If you see a jump in page reads after posting in the group, send your charts to Rebecca Dixon if you want! (We love to help authors and it warms Rebecca’s heart ❤️ to see we are helping!)

Checklist for posting an Author Intro Post!

✅ Has it been at least 1 year since you posted an Author Intro Post? If so, go for it!

✅ Has it been 24 hours since another author posted an Author Intro Post? If so, go for it!

✅ Make sure to put #authorintropost at the top of your post

✅ Do you have a giveaway that you want to wrap into the post? Then get Admin permission first by FB messaging Rebecca Dixon (if approved, the top of your post must say, “Thank you (Tagging Rebecca) or (Tagging FanGrrrl Romance Recs) for allowing this giveaway with my #authorintropost!”

✅ Are you posting links that take the member outside of Facebook? If so, make sure to attach your graphics FIRST to the post before pasting links in the subject area.

✅ Post should have graphics attached to grab attention. Make sure graphics DO not look like a FB Ad or promo. Personable & fun pics go a long way, usually.

✅ Content of the post should NOT contain a blurb or look like a FB Ad or promo

✅ Did you remember to make the post content personable, so we learn a little bit about you? Your pets? Your hobbies? Remember: this is an Author Introduction Post… it’s introducing you as an author, but we also want to know about you too! 💞