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Report to Group Admins

Members… this is where you can learn how to Report to Group Admins in the FanGrrrl Romance Recs Facebook Groups & help us out!

Facebook allows all group members the option to report comments or posts to Facebook OR to “Report to Group Admins.” In the FanGrrrl Romance Recs FB groups, the moderation team greatly appreciates it when members Report to Group Admins.

How to Report to Group Admins

On a post or comment you think goes against Group Rules:

1) Right Click on the “…” on the comment/post (top right corner)

2) Select Report to Group Admins

3) Do not Report to FB for comments or posts that may break group rules (you report to the Group Admins for that!)

Wait, but doesn’t this put the Facebook Group “at risk?”


PSA from FanGrrrl Romance Recs FB Page (by Rebecca):

FB Group Members selecting “Report to Group Admins” DOES NOT put a FB Group at risk! I’ve spoken directly with Facebook and they have confirmed this!

Many FB Groups state in their rules that members are not allowed to use the feature “Report to Group Admins,” because it “puts their groups at risk with Facebook.” This is NOT true. It’s actually the opposite.

The feature to “Report to Group Admins” was created by Facebook to help Group Admins manage their groups BEFORE posts or comments become problematic. It’s a feature to HELP, not PENALIZE. Spreading this false information actually makes my job as FB Group Admin much harder. I want members to immediately “Report to Group Admins” any comment or post they think goes against group rules. Just because they report it, does NOT mean we act on it. “Reporting to Group Admins” brings the concern immediately to the Admin team’s attention, so we can act swiftly. It actually safeguards our group.

That being said, I’ll be the first to say that each Group Admin can run their group however they see fit. If they don’t want members using that feature for whatever reason, that is their decision and right to do so. However, it is false information to state that “Reporting to Group Admins” puts a Facebook Groups at risk. It does not. And in FanGrrrl Romance Recs Facebook Groups, I greatly appreciate it when members raise their hand 🙋‍♀️and use this feature!

Please feel free to share to spread the knowledge 💜