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The main purpose/mission statement of our Facebook reader groups is to provide a positive, pro-author place where the regular reader can get real & unbiased recommendations. Therefore, it is important that the group wall is primarily recommendations and the voice of readers. However, since we are extremely pro-author, we do allow authors the chance to promote their own books.

Promo Mondo

Every Monday, the FanGrrrl Romance Recs Facebook Page posts the Promo Mondo post (Promo being short for promotion and Mondo, an adjective meaning very striking or remarkable) in the morning, Eastern Standard Time (we try for 8AM EST.)

The Promo Mondo post is pinned to the Featured section of the group for 24 hours and then after the 24 hour period concludes, comments are closed and it is removed from the Featured section.

What is allowed in the comments of Promo Mondo?

Authors in the group can drop their promotions on the comments of the Promo Mondo post. The Promo Mondo post is a courtesy for authors specifically in the group. Therefore, only authors themselves can comment on the post. Links to their author Facebook Groups/Pages, author’s websites, and/or Amazon (or valid website.) Links to free books or author’s Newsletters are allowed. Please let members know what the expectation is for any free books (i.e., requiring signing up for something or following a social). Traditional kickstarters are allowed. However anything shady at all and it’s cause for immediate block/removal from the group.

Example of Promo Mondo Post: