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Traditional Giveaways

Authors… this is where you can learn more about posting Admin Approved Traditional Giveaways in our FanGrrrl Romance Recs Facebook groups!

The main purpose/mission statement of our Facebook reader groups is to provide a positive, pro-author place where the regular reader can get real & unbiased recommendations. Therefore, it is important that the group wall is primarily recommendations and the voice of readers. However, since we are extremely pro-author, we do allow authors an opportunity to post a giveaway in the group.

What does a Traditional Giveaway involve?

A Traditional Giveaway is when an author offers their book for free to group members via a post in the group. The post should encourage members to comment in order to participate in the giveaway. The reason being is because the more activity the post receives, the more likely Facebook will push it out to other Facebook group members’ newsfeeds. It’s a win-win for group activity and for the visibility of the giveaway.

Typically, the post remains open for 72 hours and at the end of that time, the author chooses winner(s) from the comments. A separate post from the author should occur after the giveaway has concluded in order to announce the winner(s) to group members.

Typically, the giveaway includes a signed paperback or hardback. Book boxes, swag, special illustrations or prints can also be included. It is possible to wrap a promotion, kickstarter or release date announcement with the giveaway, as long as the post does not look like a promo or Facebook Ad. Posts that look like a promo or Facebook Ad do not typically do well with post reach in our groups. Therefore, it’s in the authors best interest for the post to have a “book bestie” feel and not an “FB Ad” vibe. To help ensure this, please refrain from using Amazon blurbs or promotional graphics. Members respond very well to personable photos and simple book cover graphics.

How do I recieve Admin Approval for a Traditional Giveaway?

Traditional Giveaways must have Admin Approval prior to being posted in any of the FanGrrrl Romance Recs Facebook readers groups. For FanGrrrl 💋 Romance Recs (Urban Fantasy, Romantasy, & Paranormal Romance!), the Author must have at least one book published with 4-5 stars and over 1000 ratings on Amazon. For FanGrrrl 🖤 Romance Recs After Dark 🔥 (Edgy Contemp Romance & Why Choose!), the Author must have at least one book published with 4-5 stars and over 500 ratings on Amazon. This does not mean the book being given away must meet that criteria, only that one of the author’s books meets the criteria. The reason why we have this criteria in place is because with thousands of authors in our Facebook groups, the group wall would be overtaken by giveaways if there was no criteria established. However, there are exceptions to this criteria, including authors who have received an Emoji Review or book recommendation from Founder Rebecca Dixon.

To obtain Admin Approval for the given away, send a PM to Rebecca Dixon on Facebook with the giveaway details. She will then work with you to get it all setup correctly, in order to ensure the best post reach!

Thank you so much for your interest 💗. We would love to host your giveaway & help bring more visibility to your books!