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Self Recs

Authors… this is where you can learn more about how to properly drop a Self Rec comment in our FanGrrrl Romance Recs Facebook groups (for FREE!)

The main purpose/mission statement of our Facebook reader groups is to provide a positive, pro-author place where the regular reader can get real & unbiased recommendations. Therefore, it is important that all recommendations in the group are genuine. However, since we are extremely pro-author, we do allow authors the chance to recommend their own books (i.e., a “self rec.”) Other Facebook groups that allow self recs (self recommendation comments) from authors, typically allow these comments to be dropped on any post in the group where the member is seeking book recommendations. In the FanGrrrl Romance Recs Facebook Groups, self recs can be dropped on a post seeking book recommendations, but the self recs should be nested under one comment so that they are grouped together.

In the past, the moderators would drop the “Admin Self Rec” comment for authors to nest their self recs under. However, due to the impracticality of moderators dropping this comment on every book recommendation post, the rule was changed so that an author can drop the “Admin Self Rec” comment herself/himself.

So authors! If you see a post where you want to drop a self rec (your rec must fit the request on the post,) feel free to be the FIRST to drop the “Admin Self Rec” comment. After dropping the comment, you can nest your own self rec underneath it in a separate comment. If someone else has already dropped the comment, then no need to drop it again… just nest your self rec under the comment already dropped.

An example of an “Admin Self Rec” comment is below:


This “Admin Self Rec” comment must have emojis to make it stand out! Feel free to get creative. Facebook actually prefers unique comments, so it’s ok if you make up your own! But please remember, there can be only ONE of these “Admin Self Rec” comments on any post and your self rec must meet the request of the OP (Original Poster.)