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Author Center Stage

Authors… this is where you can learn more about the LIVE Author Center Stage!

The LIVE Author Center Stage is a LIVE event that is streamed to all three FanGrrrl Romance Recs Facebook Groups, FanGrrrl Romance Recs Facebook Page, Insta, and YouTube! The LIVE focuses on one Featured Author and includes Founder Rebecca Dixon & at least one person from the FanGrrrl team. The LIVE lasts about one hour and focuses on topics such as: how the author started writing, what genre the author typically writes, the author’s hobbies, and the books the author has published. The goal of the LIVE is to answer questions about the author’s books from both the FanGrrrl team and the LIVE comments, and to increase visibility of the author & their books.

This is a very informal, fun LIVE where Rebecca facilitates the hour segment in a casual, friendly manner. Rebecca will work with the author ahead of the LIVE to ensure they are comfortable and ready to roll!

Who can be Featured in the LIVE Author Center Stage?

Typically, the LIVE Author Center Stage is geared to an Author that Founder Rebecca Dixon has written an Emoji Review recommending one of their books. This is because Rebecca & FanGrrrl team member tend to FanGrrrl over the Author & their book on the LIVE! However, if you are a best selling Author & interested in being featured on the LIVE Author Center Stage, please PM Rebecca Dixon on Facebook Messenger to discuss.