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What is FanGrrrl Romance Recs?

FanGrrrl Romance Recs is a book recommendation organization that utilizes its social media platforms, LIVE streaming capabilities, and hosting/guest hosting book signing events to spread the love for books and authors. What began as a singular Facebook Group for book recommendations, has branched out to several social media platforms (Facebook, TikTok, Insta, & YouTube) and book signing events.

In the beginning, FanGrrrl Romance Recs was the FB Group: Urban & Romance Fantasy/Paranormal Romance Book Lovers. However, as membership boomed & it became apparent that hardly anyone could recite the name at book signing events (😅,) it was time for a new name! Hence, FanGrrrl Romance Recs was born. The name was chosen because it was common for members (especially the Founder, Rebecca Dixon) to use the phrase that they were “just Fangirling” over a certain book or author. The term quickly caught on in the group by members and due to the love of alpha characters in romance books recommended in the group, Rebecca decided to change the word “Fangirl” to “FanGrrrl” in order to 1) represent the alpha males in romance books, 2) give a head nod to the alpha “growl,” and 3) distance the term “Fangirl” from being a noun (gender) and instead, associate the term “FanGrrrl” as an adjective. Rebecca will be the very first person to say “you don’t have to be a girl to FanGrrrl.” FanGrrrl Romance Recs really is the perfect name to represent a positive, pro-author place where the regular reader can find real & genuine book recommendations!

The first Facebook Group created, also known as the original or “OG”, FanGrrrl 💋 Romance Recs (Urban Fantasy, Romantasy, & Paranormal Romance!), focuses on books with Paranormal, Fantasy, or Supernatural elements AND Romance. Therefore, the primary genres discussed in the OG group are Urban Fantasy, Romantasy, and Paranormal Romance. Books recommended in this group all have great romantic plotlines- varying from clean romance to super steamy, and from light to dark romance.

The next group created, FanGrrrl 💗 Romance Recs Authors Corner (UF, Fantasy, PNR, Contemp Romance), was essentially opened because of a need from the OG group for a place where authors support authors in a positive & helpful way. This is a place where authors can ask for information on the publishing process, cover photos, or even plotline concerns. It’s imperative to FanGrrrl Romance Recs that this be a group where authors feel welcomed and not intimated. So far, the group has thrived and become a home for like-minded individuals that have a love of writing and helping their peers (after all, it isn’t possible for one author to meet the book reading needs of one very active reader!)

The most recent group created, FanGrrrl 🖤 Romance Recs After Dark 🔥 (Edgy Contemp Romance & Why Choose!) was also opened because of a need from the OG group. Often times, books were recommended that were “human-only” and contained no fantasy, paranormal, or supernatural elements. We allowed these books to be recommended (and still do) in the OG group as long as the person recommending them makes it clear that the recommendation is for a book that does not fall under the group umbrella. However as time went on, more & more contemporary romance books were recommended. It became clear that the demand was high enough in the OG group to open a new book lover group where “human-only” romance books could be rec’d as the main recommendation. When deciding the genres of the books in this new book lover group, the term Edgy was used to encompass “cutting edge” human-only contemporary romance (Mafia, Billionaire, Rockstar, Motorcycle Club, Gothic/Dark, Stalker, etc!) The term “After Dark 🔥” actually refers to spice/steam and not gothic romance (although gothic romance does fall under the group umbrella.)

FanGrrrl Romance Recs prides itself as a well-known safe haven for amazing, like-minded readers (and writers; after all, they’re readers too)! Our purpose for the groups and what makes us unique is that we offer a pro-author, upbeat, and stimulating environment for people to interact with one another. Readers join our groups to indulge in their passion for reading and can find a wealth of information, including REAL & genuine, unbiased book recommendations.

In addition to Facebook, we have an Instagram, TikTok, & YouTube handles (@FanGrrrlRomanceRecs!) And… we are now Guest Hosting Book Signings such as Fiction, Fans & Ballgowns 2024 in Manchester, England. We LIVE Streamed the Authors Panel & Book Signing on 8+ platforms! You can see this footage on our YouTube channel. Contact us if your interested in having us Guest Host your Book Signing Event, which includes facilitating Author’s panels and LIVE Streaming on our social media platforms.