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Fractured Fates (The Arrow Hart Academy Book 1) by Hannah Haze

“…So if you LOVE a SLOW-BURN Why Choose, where the FMC is STRONG  through the bullying, FREAKING HOT  MMCs that are FIGHTING  their attraction  but nevertheless, can’t help themselves from CRAVING  our girl, an Academy Bully Romance that is definitely NOT YA, and a CUTE  sidekick that is a PIG  … then give this a SHOT! It’s FREE on KU and you never know, it may be FATED  to be a FAB  read for you too!”

Psycho Academy (Cruel Shifterverse Book 4 & 5) by Jasmine Mass

“if you LOVE ❤️ a GREAT enemies-to-lovers 🥷✌🏻💞 WHY CHOOSE (FM+?) where the guys are HOT as heck and will literally go apesh!t 😳 when they learn how amazingly BRAVE ⚔️ and STRONG 💪🏻 the FMC is for surviving some TERRIBLE 😭 past ordeal, you LOVE some GREAT 👍🏻 FANTASY plotline …” then give this a shot