Wolf Girl (Book 1) by Leia Stone

Emoji Review by Rebecca Dixon

I just finished ‘Wolf Girl’ by Leia Stone and let me tell you, I AM A WOLFGIRL FANGIRL 🤩🤩🤩! I picked this book up on a lazy Sunday afternoon (yesterday 😜) looking for something that I could fall into easily. And WOW!! I got a HECK of a lot more than I bargained for …in the BEST of ways! 🙌🏻

The story is about a rejected werewolf, but not the typical rejected mates story!! This is a banished werewolf from werewolf society where life has been cruel to her growing up in non-werewolf society & having her magic “cuffed.” She’s never even been able to shift once in her life! Then one day (at the start of the book) the alpha hottie 🔥 meets her and saves her from her harsh world.

Sounds like just a bit of fun with some good romance, right? Well… wrong 😲!! This book was a page-turning, OBSESSION 💜💜💜 that made me constantly think… “PERFECTION.”

From the very first page, I was immediately hooked in the story and with each page, I just fell into it deeper and deeper! The FMC is a loveable personality with depth to her character and is snarky & strong! The premise behind her new life in werewolf society is humorous, exciting, and so much fun 🥳! But there is definitely more going on than meets the eye with some decent meat to the story! We are introduced to different creatures that have some kind of romantic obsession 💜 with our gal. Because, you guessed it.. she is SPECIAL! When the prince of Vampires was mentioned, my ears perked up big-time… I couldn’t wait to see what would come from it! 🤩

But my biggest surprise of this book was my LOVE for the Alpha werewolf BIG-TIME hottie 🔥🔥🔥, SAWYER! I am not a “sweet” guy lover. Nope!! I am an ALPHAHOLE LOVER ALL THE WAY! Give me the guy that will burn the world to the ground for his girl while also being an A$SHAT about it, and I AM ALL IN! So I was SHOCKED 😮 that Sawyer STOLE MY HEART ❤️. THIS GUY IS THE SWEETEST 💖💖💖 MMC ON THE PLANET 🌎 . One romantic decleration after another…. and I was tearing up 🥲 and sending message after message to my reading girlfriends gushing 😭 over this guy!!!!! 🥰🥰🥰 And it wasn’t your typical sweetness from a sensitive guy! NO!!! This guy is a STRONG 💪🏻 ALPHA who makes his intentions known in surprisingly knight-in-shining armor 🤺, MODERN ways. I’ve read 100’s of PRs, UFs, and Romance Fantasies and I think this guy may have just bumped up to my FAVORITE alpha male (even over the alphaholes, people 😲😲😲!)

I LOVED ❤️ him so much that not only did I spam the heck of my girlfriend’s FB msgr every time he made my heart gush 🥰 & my eyes tear up 🥲 with happiness 😍, I also posted in the author’s FB group going NUTS about THIS GUY. And no surprise, in return I found out he’s a HUGE fan favorite! 🥰🥰🥰

I also LOVED that this book was an easy read from the get go! So many times, it’s like studying (➕➖✖️➗) for the SAT to learn all the world-building in books 😆! Or if we aren’t thoroughly confused about learning a whole new world, we are crawling through chapters trying to get hooked into the story! Not the case with this book! It’s clear from the very start what’s going on and you are page-turning from the very first page! 🥳🥳🥳

I was totally SHOCKED about how INCREDIBLE & BRILLIANT this book is! It FAR surpassed my expectations from just reading it’s description! It’s LOADED with action, a great fun plotline, a fantastic FMC, an AMAZING 💖 + 🔥 ALPHA, and it’s a page turner that flows soooooo smoothly (MY FAV!)

Leia Stone, if you are reading this girl… you are the QUEEN WOLFGIRL and have officially JUST become one of my FAVORITE authors 🤩🤩🤩! And I CANNOT WAIT to read the rest of your books! 🙌🏻👏🏻🙌🏻