Dark Destiny by C.R. Jane and Mila Young

Emoji Review by Rebecca Dixon

I’ve go another one for y’all 👏🏻! I just finished reading Dark Destiny by C.R. Jane and Mila Young (the 1st book in a 4 book series)… and it was a page turner! What I’d call ‘Luxury Christmas Crack!’ 😋😋😋

What is ‘Luxury Christmas Crack,’ you say 😂?! So I’m a fan of a HUGE range of books under the paranormal/supernatural/fantasy genres WITH romance 💗. I LOVE all kinds of books… from smutty page turning addictions to super intense epic fantasies!! And I am a MOOD reader! I follow my moods as to what I read and let the momentum of a book carry me away 💨!! So…back to Christmas Crack! My hubby, the amazing man that he is & the LOVE ❤️ ❤️❤️ of my life, makes these INCREDIBLE toffee crackers at Christmas 🎄! They have caramel, salt, and chocolate 🍫 and are ohhhh soooo yummy 😋. They obviously don’t have a lot of nutritional substance 😆, but they are a complete ADDICTION and you can’t put them down! So we call these little tastes of heaven 😇… CHRISTMAS CRACK!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

So this book is really a LUXURY 💍 Christmas Crack to me! I almost didn’t call it Christmas Crack because there is a pretty great fantasy 🧜‍♀️ plotline and I’m super invested in where it goes! But there are also some really steamy 🔥 SMUT and that is why it sort of has that Christmas Crack feel for me 🙌🏻!

OK! So what is it about?! Let me first answer that by telling you how I found this book 😁! I was scrolling through Paranormal Romance TikTok videos (yes, I’m addicted to TikTok videos on books… they are almost Christmas Crack in themselves 😅!) And I see this TiKTok video with a kickbutt ‘Corpse’ song playing and the quote, “When your vampire overlord wants your ✨V✨, so you go to a bar and give it to a stranger instead…” Annnnnnd….. one-click away, the book was on my Kindle app! 😂😂😂

So this story is about a world where Sirens 🧜‍♀️ are pretty much sex slaves to Vampires 🧛‍♂️ . Our pretty ballsy FMC decides HECK NO, she ain’t gonna give her V to No Vamp! So she goes to a bar 🍷 and finds a hot 🥵 stranger instead! The overloard vamp 🧛‍♂️ has some SERIOUS obsession 💘 and possessive 😡 issues… so you can imagine that it doesn’t go down very well 😂. And you’d be right 👆🏻! Her punishment is the basis of the book (don’t read the full book title because it’s a spoiler 😩!)!

The first GREAT thing I can say about this book is if you love SMUT 🔥, this book IS FOR YOU!! The smut is actually pretty AWESOME 🤩🤩🤩! Super hot 🔥🔥🔥 and not too vulgar. Not cringy. Like just pretty perfect sexy smut 👏🏻! This is a RH! BUT!!! It is a SLOW BURN. Ok, maybe not so slow burn on the sexy times, but ✋🏻!!! It is a slow burn relationship-wise and that’s the kind of RH that I can get behind 🙌🏻! This book is also written REALLY well. It’s first person POV (MY FAV 🥳!) and it’s super easy to page turn! It also seems like it may be darker themed (sex slaves and all 😆)… but it actually isn’t! It’s the PERFECT 💓 read for someone who loves shorter books, wants to have a Christmas crack experience, with some drama 🎭 …but NO triggers! And honestly, when I found out what type of book this is (again, don’t look 👀 at the full title!!)… I was pretty surprised 😮 that it kept my interest and I kept reading! I really enjoyed it 💜! I read this in 24 hrs and then yep, read the second book in 24 hrs 😅. There isn’t a lot of world building and character background, but there are enough little nuggets that I HAVE to keep reading to find out more! And so far, the author has been great about trickling in the answers that I NEED! I always say I’m a serial DNF’er, so if I keep reading a series without switching to something else… that says a lot right there folks! Annnnd… I’m on Book 3 and still loving it! 🥳🥳🥳

So if you want some page turning smut 🥵🍆 🔥 with actually a pretty great fantasy 🧜‍♀️ plotline, MMCs that have all the right moves and all the right words, a bit of Damsel-in-Distress moments with MMCs kicking some butt 🤺, and some excitement 🤩 about a FMC who I know will eventually take down 👊🏻 the bad guys…. give Dark Destiny a try! It’s free on KU and you never know… it may just SING 🎶 TO YOU!