A Tokens Worth (Spawn of Darkness Book 1) by S.A. Parker

Emoji Review by Rebecca Dixon

I just read A Token’s Worth (Spawn of Darkness Book 1) by S.A. Parker! I was really in the mood for something sort of shocking and disturbing. So when I read the start of the description for this book, I thought… yep! That’ll do!! Until I opened the book, I had NO idea this was an RH or that it would be… FUNNY!

So the premise of this book is that Dell is a lesser Fae and she lives in a world where women have no rights. She is literally living in a nightmare scenario where she is up for grabs by any male (at any time… poor gal can’t even walk to the grocery store without being cornered!) and she has HAD IT! She accidentally summons & somewhat comically binds herself to 4 hot 🔥 high born Fae males who happen to be Gods: Day, Night, Dawn, and Dusk. These males live by a much higher moral code and become very protective (and somewhat vengeful) of the state they find Dell in!

Listen, I started this book yesterday (now granted its shorter than a lot of books… about 140 pages or so) and I’ve finished it! It was SO FUNNY! Ok, look it’s not a funny premise… it’s quite disturbing actually. The opening scene is a nonconsensual scene. But the FMC (who has a big potty mouth btw,) made me crack up left, right, and center! She has these internal dialogues with her hoo-ha that made me bust out laughing! I started messaging Mod Maria Tracy about it last night and then she even gave it a go & was laughing! And then, when the 4 hot 🔥 high born Fae males showed up, the comedy just kept coming! I ended up loving the personalities of these males and their protectiveness over her!

Book 1 ends in a cliffhanger, but no worries! This is a completed series and free on KU! I do have to stress that it is a DARKER plot. It’s the FMC & the 4 fellas that make it quite humorous. If you liked Cupidity by Raven Kennedy and can handle a little bit more darker of a storyline, I think you’ll love this series!

I’ve been super excited to start Book 2 all day btw! But literally wanted to write this rec to get the word out first on this great book by this super talented Indie author!!