Forbidden Honor (Dragon Royals Book 1) by May Dawson

Emoji Review by Rebecca Dixon

I JUST finished one of the BEST 🏆 reads of the year 🙌🏻! ‘Forbidden Honor,’ Dragon Royals Book 1, by May Dawson SHOCKED 😲 me with how INCREDIBLE it is!!! (This is spoiler free!)

So this is a SUPER cool story that literally is Mulan meets Cinderella meets… Broken Bonds 🤔? 😅 I can’t quite figure out that third ‘meets’ because really, this isn’t like anything I’ve read before ‼️ … AND❗️… I still can’t figure out if it’s an RH or not 🤦🏻‍♀️😂. And to be honest, while in the past that may have frustrated 😠 the heck out of me… I AM LOVING NOT KNOWING 🙌🏻. (Please 🙏🏻 please 🙏🏻 please 🙏🏻 let it be an RH!!! 😆) If you have read any of my praise of books before, you’ll know that I wasn’t always an RH fan! For me, there’s something that resonates about a possessive 😍 alpha! And somehow sharing goes against the grain of that for me. But ✋🏻!!! I’ve read some fantastic RH’s where it just MAKES SENSE 🧠 to the plotline and it has me to the point now where in certain books I’m like… “Why not all?!?” 😅😅😅 AND I AM FEELING THAT in this book 🙌🏻!

Ok! Let’s get to the story! So this book takes place in an isolated Fae land where everyone is a shifter of some kind and the ‘Royal’ Dragon 🐉 shifters are the top of the pecking order as they are the protectors of the land from the SCOURGE (zombies? 🧟‍♀️ Not sure yet 😆!) Only one problem (well other than the glaring issue of a caste system!)… females can’t be dragons 😲😲😲!!! 👉🏻 Enter our FMC! She’s a sassy, ballsy, gritty…. MAID 🧹 … who thinks she may turn into a squirrel 🐿 😆! So one can only imagine her surprise 😲 when things turn out QUITE differently than she ever imagined during her first shift and now she’s forced to live TWO identities (Mulan anyone 🥳?) around some smoking hot 🥵 Royal Dragons by day ☀️ and by night 🌙 !

THIS FMC IS FANTASTIC 👏🏻. She is FUNNY 😅, snarky 😏, and has grit 👊🏻 for days! I seriously LOVE ❤️ this FMC so much! She was constantly cracking me up and I can’t tell you how many messages I sent my BFF as I was reading this book with OMG 😮 emojis and yessssss 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 she is SO AWESOME 🤩 . In a sea of swooning girls for these Royal Dragon protectors, she’s the one with sass!! And what dominant, alpha isn’t intrigued by a game of cat 🐱 and mouse 🐭 ?! And speaking of alphas!!! These guys’ …WOWZA 🥵🥵🥵. Each of them have a separate, unique personality from one another and although I do have my favs for sure, I love ❤️ them all! And the STEAM 🔥! The STEAM 🔥🔥🔥! PERFECTION 👏🏻. You are not only going to feel the HEAT 🔥…. But you are going to be like OH MY GOSH 😮. WOW 😳. IS THIS HAPPENING 😲😲😲. LIKE … totally didn’t see that COMING! (😉😉😉) 🤣🤣🤣

But let’s get to the Fantasy plotline! IT IS GREAT 👍🏻 . The dragon aspect is FANTASTIC 🥳. Shifting mid-air in some kickbutt 🤺scene, had me re-reading paragraphs over & over & over so I could SEE it ALL playout in my mind 🧠 again & again! I actually teared up 😅 from excitement 🤩 in one pivotal scene….soooooo gooooooood 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻! And this whole Mulan meets Cinderella had me completely OBSESSED 😍 with every page of this book!! The humor involved with a duel identity trope can be so FABULOUS and this author wrote it PERFECTLY 👏🏻.

This book is the epitome of PERFECTION for me! It’s completely my cuppa tea 🫖! It’s a straight shooter 🏹 1st person POV where I was just page turning & so excited for the next page! The FMC is amazing 🤩 . The MMCs are amazing 🤩 . The STEAM is perfect 🤩 . The Fantasy plotline and mystery of what is really going on is CAPTIVATING 🤩🤩🤩. This is one of those books you read after reading a different amazing series and you think… “No way. I didn’t think I’d find another addictive read again! I didn’t think I’d feel this way again! But somehow I did!!!” 👏🏻 And BOOM 💥! By some miracle you stumbled upon this book and then now you have to read everything the author has ever written! That’s how much I loved this book! 💜💜

And great news! It’s even more perfect because it’s FREE on KU! So give it a try… it may be your next addiction that you feel HONORed 💜 to have BINGED straight through!