Den of Vipers by K.A. Knight

Emoji Review by Rebecca Dixon

OMG 🤯 I read ‘Den of Vipers,’ by K.A. Knight… and I NEVER DID AN EMOJI REVIEW 😭😭😭! Soooo… I am remedying that right now because… geez, WHAT A BOOK 🔥! (FYI, I’m not affiliated with the author and there are NO spoilers! 🙌🏻)

Holy wow 😳 WOW 😮! You guysssss! This book! 🌶🍑🍆🍆🍆🍆🔥🥵

Ok so FIRST ☝️… whatchya gotta know 🧐?! This is a DARK Contemporary Mafia Romance, Why Choose (FMMMM) and it is a standalone. The story DOES contain KN!FE 🔪 & BL00D 🩸 play! AND SPARKLING FANNY PACKS too 🤪. So check your TRIGGERS 🔫 people! It’s never a great idea to penalize an Author when they have WARNED ⚠ us & we still chose to embark anyway! Annnnnd it’s ALSO… you guessed it 😅… SUPER spicy 🌶🌶🌶!

So what the heck is this SUPER FAMOUS 😎 story about?! Did I mention it was sort of well known 😁?! Like… 135K ratings on Goodreads and 53K on the ZON 🤯. I mean COME ON, that in itself says A LOT 👏🏻!

Ok so the story starts off with our super DANGEROUS 🥷guys beating the LIVING DAYLIGHTS 🤛 out of someone… AKA our FMC’s dad. Good ole Dad is pretty much a deadbeat and sells his daughter up the Suwannee 🚣‍♀️😱 (Ok he doesn’t ACTUALLY drop her in a river or anything, but I digress 😆… ) Basically a$shat Dad makes a deal with our HOT 🥵 MMCS 🐍 to cash 💰 in his debts by offering up his equally smoking, HOT 🥵 daughter! But unlike a lot of books in this genre, our GIRL is pretty BADA$S and these VIPERS 🐍 have NO IDEA what they are going to get 👊🏻! BOO YEAH BABY!

So I absolutely LOVE it when a FMC is STRONG 💪 and FIGHTS BACK… and this girl, takes it to a WHOLE other level 🙌! Honestly, this book was one of the first DARK Romance Why Chooses I ever read and honestly ✌️, it prepared me SO WELL for books like Haunting Adeline 👻. Zade with a 🔫?! Pfffft 🙄! I already read about D with his 🔪 first! 😂🤣😂

I can’t tell you HOW MANY times I’ve heard “Den of Vipers was my first Dark Why Choose and I LOVED IT!” And I gotta say, I’m right there with them! Although I gotta be honest, BL00D 🩸play isn’t really my jam… but I didn’t really care with this book! The story is freaking hot (like lots & lots of pages of spice btw 🌶🍑🍆), and although there is some 🩸play, it doesn’t dominate all of the heat 🥵!

SO if you love a KICK BUTT🤺 FMC with lots of DUBIOUS consent & steam 🔥 … and you want to see what all the fuss is about with this book, you should TOTALLY give this a shot! Just make sure to read the TRIGGER ⚠ warnings, because TRUST ME when I say… it is a DEN OF VIPERS 🐍… and I’m totally here for it 🙋‍♀️!