Truth or Kill by A.C. Kramer

Emoji Review by Rebecca Dixon

I just read ‘Truth or Kill,’ by A.C. Kramer (pen name for Lexi C. Foss!) and it was absolutely FANTASTIC 🤩! (FYI, I’m not affiliated with the author and there are NO spoilers! 🙌🏻)

Ok, first 👆🏻things first 👆🏻! I usually write Emoji Reviews for Paranormal Romances 🧛‍♂️ 🐺 🥵, Urban Fantasies 🤺🧛‍♂️🏙, or Romance Fantasies 🧚‍♀️ ⚔️💞 (because I typically write them for members of this FB group, which focuses on those genres)… but this book (a Dark Contemporary Romance,) was so GREAT 🙌🏻 … I think this group’s members would LOVE ❤️ it! If anything, it’s a great palette cleanser from parnormal!

So this book starts off with a FMC who is in her senior year of college 🏢 and is asked to go with her volleyball 🏐 teammate to a cabin 🏡 in the woods 🌳 for spring break ☀️👙🏝! Little does she know, that the objective for the trip isn’t what it seems… and instead… it’s a game of TRUTH 😇 or K!LL 🔪🩸! Something that is actually modeled off of a Urban Legend knows as K!LLSWITCH! She’s quickly thrown into a game that she definitely DOES NOT want to be involved with, to only run into a DARK & BROODY MMC that is equally torn between ending her 🔪 and dominating her (if you know what I mean 🥵🥵🥵!)

Honestly, this plotline is much more advanced then the summary above 👏🏻! It is pretty smart 💡and I actually had an “oh dang that is GENIUS 🧠” moment where yep, I ended up msging the author (isn’t it COOL 😎 how accessible authors are these days due to social media?!!)… anyway, I ended up messaging the author, who then told me she had that “AHA” moment while making a salad 🥗 in the kitchen & she blurted the idea 💡 out to the hubs excitedly! So freaking cool 🙌🏻!! Well, I get the excitement… because it IS SMART 👏🏻! The whole book is pretty dang SMART 🥳! It’s like reading an adaptation of CLUE 🕵️‍♀️ combined with a little dark romance 💘 … a bit of Zade vibes from Haunting Adeline 👻 actually! (errr may have some Zade-like bedroom play!) And the FMC was GREAT 👍🏻 throughout this book! I liked her the entire time! She was sassy, practical, and we really fell in love with her through the MMC’s green eyes 👀!

This really is a super FAB 🤩 standalone! It’s great as a palette cleanser (or not palette cleanser!) It’s unique, SMART 💡, page-turning, and super fun! The writing ✍️ is good, no plotholes, no typos, and super easy to inhale 🌬 over 24 hours 👏🏻! I’m not sure if there are trigger warnings, but if you aren’t used to darker 🩸steamy 🥵 scenes… just be aware that the MMC is a little dark 🔪! It all just depends on what you are used to! Some may read this and be SHOCKED 😱 and others will think it’s child’s play 😆! But regardless, really recommend you giving it a shot! 🙌🏻

So if you like a MYSTERY 🔎 that feels a little like a “who done it,” with a unique modern spin involving gaming 🎮 & technology 💻, some dark steam 🔥, a grounded & blunt FMC, and a riddle ❓where your trying to figure out what is REALLY going on… give this a shot! It’s free on KU and you never know, it may just be a K!LLER book for you!

Key elements!
🔪 Dark Contemporary/Gothic Romance STANDALONE (excellent palette cleanser for PNR readers!)
🔪 FM
🔪 First Person POV with FMC & MMC POVs
🔪 Streamlined, Modern Writing
🔪 SUPER SMART plotline (almost like a ‘Who Done It? but with a modern twist and mystery)
🔪 Page-Turner (I read in 24 hours!)
🔪 FMC that is grounded & BLUNT
🔪 Starts off with a FMC who is in her senior year of college and is asked to go with her volleyball team mate to a cabin in the woods for spring break! Little does she know, that the objective for the trip isn’t what it seems… and instead… it’s a game of TRUTH or K!LL!
🔪 Does have STEAM but it isn’t extremely graphic or overbearing to the non-romantic plotline (could be considered Dark by some with the type of “play”)
🔪 Author’s BookTok handle: @author_ackramer
🔪 Free on KU
🔪 2nd book in the Twisted Legends Collection (but it’s completely a standalone and you don’t have to read the other books in the collection if you don’t want… although I’m working my way through them & am enjoying them!)
🔪 At the time of writing this, this book only has 288+ ratings of close to 5 stars
Fans of SMART plotlines where you are trying to solve a riddle and then it all comes together by the end (with STEAM) would love this!