The Heart Hassle Series (Cupidity!) by Raven Kennedy

Emoji Review by Rebecca Dixon

I just finished The Heart Hassle Series (Cupidity!) by Raven Kennedy!

This series is about a Cupid (like actually an invisible Cupid with pink hair and red wings,) flying around doing her cupid thing and being pretty pissed off about it! I mean, after 50 years of not having a corporeal form and no interaction with anyone (while hooking everyone else up)… one might be a wee bit irritated! But of course, she can’t stay invisible for much longer or we wouldn’t have a story! And when she does become visible… oh boy oh boy!

So I am OFFICIALLY IN LOVE! This series was BRILLIANT! I laughed the whole time! I SO did not expect to like a Reverse Harem like this! I am NOT a Reverse Harem fan AT ALL… but this series did not feel like a typical RH! As a matter of fact, this is the series that converted me to liking RH’s! By the time the RH scenes happened in this series, I was totally rooting for them 🙌!

The FMC may in fact be my favorite of all time! She is just so dang ADORABLE! It was only a few chapters into Book 1 and I knew this was something special. I really recommend this series if you enjoy romance, fantasy and genuine fun. It just brought me so much JOY. I’ll definitely be reading this one several more times!

Author Raven Kennedy is like Cupid 💘 herself! Like probably. Ok, like if there’s a Cupid 💘, she’s like totally it! (If you read the series… see what I did there?! 🤣🤣🤣)

And oh… yeah… it made my Best of the Best picks ! That’s how much I adored it! Honestly, I just recommend the CUPID OUT OF IT💘🙌!