Pretty Monster by Sheridan Anne

Emoji Review by Rebecca Dixon

I read ‘Pretty Monster’ by Sheridan Anne… and what a GREAT, page-turning 5 ⭐️ read! (FYI, I’m not affiliated with the author and there are NO spoilers! 🙌🏻)

Ok so first off 👆🏻! This is a DARK Stalker 👀 Contemporary Romance that I recommend going in BLIND 🙈, without even knowing the basics (like if it’s M/F or Why Choose 😮!) Unless you have triggers ⚠️ OR have a preference as far as the number of love interests go! But if you are happy 👍🏻 with either scenario and have NO triggers, then I recommend just going for it 🙌🏻! AGAIN… for the folks at the back of the room 🗣… this is a DARK STALKER 🔪 ROMANCE. So this is NOT a normal lovey 💞 dovey 🕊 Contemporary Romance, Hallmark 👑 love story and so if that’s not your jam, scroll on to one of my other recs!

Alrighty! That being said, well… I DID go in BLIND (doh, that might be sorta obvious based on my advice above 🙄😄) and I gotta say, I was in drawn in pretty dang quickly! But THEN ✋🏻… I was like… WAIT, is this a Why Choose? Please, oh please 🙏 let this be a Why Choose 😆! I legit remember a certain scene happening and I was like “Oh no he didn’t 😮!”… I think it was like midnight at the time, and my very next thought was… “Whelp, I might as well say goodbye 👋 to sleep, because I’m not going to be able to put this book down tonight 🌙!” And I was right… I didn’t 😅!

So what is this story about 🤔? Well! There’s a chick that works at a tattoo shop (she’s pretty cool 😎 , if I’m being honest ✌🏻) and she is VERY popular with the fellas. She is smart, sassy 💋, rough around the edges, and knows better to get involved with some of these bad dudes… but these guys are just so dang appealing 🔥 . What’s a girl to do 😅?! Enter a hot 🥵 cinnamon roll next door neighbor, and our girl has plenty of hunks to choose from (or does she choose 🤔😁?) Except… someone lurking 🔪 in the shadows is interested in her as well! Que the Dark Stalker 👀, please! Dun 🎶… Dun 🎶… Dun 🎶… ! As OBSESSED 👀 as he is with her, she can’t help herself from finding him equally as ENTRANCING 😍 as TERRIFYING 😱. This guy…. HOLY SMOKES 🥵… he WANTS our girl… BAD 🙏🏻… and he pushes her to question her own SANITY in her desire 💋 for him too! (WARNING this guy is NOT morally grey… he’s pretty much morally pitch black!)

Just WHO is the STALKER 👀 though?! That’s a fun 🤩 game the author likes the reader to play throughout the book! But don’t worry 🙌, you WILL find out before the end! And OMG 😆… I gotta say I laughed pretty hard when a certain B.O.B 🔋 found itself on display like some suction cup mistletoe 😂🤣😂. LMAO, I literally laughed out loud at that one 😅! Ohhhhhh and the STEAM 🌶. Have I mentioned the STEAM?!? This is the kind of spice where ya might need the hubs on standby, YKWIM 🔥🤣

So if you love a Dark Stalker 👀 Romance 💘 where our girl is the object of EVERY guy’s affection 🔥(especially the stalker!), some freaking HOT 🥵 steam with some great sleepy-time 😴 surprises along the way 🍆 🍑 💦 , and a pretty non-traditional relationship between the main characters (ehhhh… these ain’t your typical love interests or relationships folks… cough* cough* pych0path 🔪🩸!)… if that is your jam, then give this a shot! It’s free on KU and you never know, you may just find this monster a bit pretty too!

‘Pretty Monster’ by Sheridan Anne